The DuneSeven/Kgalagadi Aid Project is an initiative undertaken by the owners of DuneSeven and the company as a whole to give aid and support to the Kgalagadi Trans-frontier park and the Kalahari surrounding areas. 

The Kgalagadi (Derived from the Tswana word Kgala which means Place of thirst, Great Thirstland or waterless place) and Kalahari district is classified as an arid area with minimal rainfall and extreme heat conditions. Surviving in these areas is a daily matter of life and death for animals as well as local tribes such as the SAN- Bushmen. 

Resources are very scarce and there are minimum infrastructure within the area so the animals, local people, rangers, workers and organisations that do the actual physical work of maintenance and up-keep are heavily reliant from the little bit of tourism and support from outside the region in the form of donations of funds, clothing, machinery and parts, vehicle parts, food, blankets and any other forms and means to keep warm as temperatures run into the minus figures during winter with not much to brace against the cold. 

The list is endless.

The Kgalagadi is one of the most beautiful places on earth with herds of antelope such as Springbok, Kudu, Hartebees, Steenbok and the Rolls Royce of the Kalahari, the almighty Gemsbok. Other animals roaming the red sand dunes and dry river beds are Giraffe, Blue-wildebeest, Hyena, Honey-badgers, Cheetah, Leopard and prides of the famous Kalahari Lions to name but a few.

The animals big and small like the Barking Gecko which provides for the Kalahari music at night are all very dependant on things like waterholes within the park which operates with a borehole, pump, battery and solar panels.   These water units take a lot of punishment from the severe  heat to the famous Kalahari thunderstorms which usually turn gravel roads into instant rivers which gets sucked up by the sun very quickly as well as abuse from the animals themselves.

These units need to be maintained and fixed on a constant basis and cost money and man power. There are many other factors which also require funding to keep the system going as a whole and to provide for those in need in the Kgalagadi and the surrounding Kalahari.

 We will be donating a certain amount of every item that U purchase from DuneSeven on a regular basis to the Honorary Rangers that care for the Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park or directly to the community in the Kgalagadi district as we see fit.

U  also purchase a T-Shirt from our Online store showing your support for this project Kgalagadi T Shirt originaland in process generate even more funding towards the project. We need your support so that we can support the Kgalagadi, its animals and people.

Thank u for your support.



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